Baja 2008

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Day 9

Last time I came through the San Quintin area we actually stayed in Lazaro Cardenas at the very quaint Motel Roma. We made a much better choice this time, staying at the new place in San Quintin on the east side of the road. The name escapes me, but it was an excellent clean place with a restaruant right in front. And there was even hot water, something sadly lacking at Motel Roma.

We slogged north past the huge agricultural facilities into Ensenada. Coming into Ensenada is like coming into Bellevue. Every big box retailer in the US is there. We took a break at a Pemex station and headed east on Hwy 3 toward Laguna Hanson.

Our last dirt road of the trip and we're stuck behind a truck hauling a Cat dozer going 3 miles an hour. I finally got up close enough so he could see me and he pulled over and let us by. Nice guy.

Parque Nacional Constitucion is a beautiful park in a pine forest at 5200 feet. What a contrast from the dry desert we'd been in for the last week. Quite rugged and very pretty. I'm sure they get serious snow in the winter. This is an easy and fun route between La Rumorosa on Hwy 2 and Valle de la Trinidad on Hwy 3 and there isn't a single military checkpoint along the way.

We've been looking for this sign

There was a road grader just ahead of us making it all flat for us. Are we lucky or what?

I still haven't lost this guy! :)

Feels like the top of the world

It was a little rougher in spots but not much. Fun road

The Especial Hamberguesa was quite good, if a bit greasy. Mark and I shared a turtle

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