Baja 2008

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Day 8

San Ignacio to San Quintin is mostly a slog. And especially so if you're riding a 400cc dirt bike. The only real excitement is whether you have enough range to get the 200 miles from Villa Jesus Marie to El Rosario on one tank of gas. I did, but I was on reserve the last 18 miles. At least I know how far I can go. Once again, I put in 14.9 liters.

The pretty sections are near Catavina in the rocky cactus forest and the very scenic rolling hills just south of El Rosario. Other than that, the seat is too hard, you can't go fast enough and there aren't any decent places to stop. We had thought of returning back up the east coast, but with the gas situation so dicey, there wasn't any way I was going to get to San Felipe from Villa Jesus Marie if there wasn't gas along the way somewhere.

Morning birds in the San Ignacio lagoon

Its a popular spot, maybe there's wifi

If you're looking up at this on a Monday morning in March, life is good

I bet you could earn a free meal or two if you could get this VW powered buggy running.

The desert north of Catavina is wonderfully green and blooming

This has sort of an Easter look to it

So many wonderful contrasts in the high desert

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