Baja 2008

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Day 3

Guerrero Negro is a huge salt producing area and just northwest of town are the old salt docks. Wonderful place to visit and almost no one does.

Back in town, we gassed up and headed for Bahia Asuncion and the 'Sunset Casita' I had found on the internet. Pictures of a wonderful beach house with a view of the ocean and sunset and a very reasonable price were too good to pass up. Don't believe everything you read on the internet. When we finally got to the place, it was a typical beach house, badly remodeled and totally unremarkable.

The Viscaino desert is an empty place. There's a little agriculture along Hwy 1, but away from there its just you and the scenery. There was lots of rain this winter so all of Baja was green and lush, especially the desert.

But for some folks all that rain wasn't good news. The road to Bahia Asuncion is being paved and there weren't nearly enough culverts to manage the heavy runoff. Mother Nature is removing the new road about as fast as they can build it. We had to take a side road detour while the construction crews built one new culvert after another. Hard work in the hot desert sun. One poor soul had a wheelbarrow completely full of concrete. I think he was the new guy.

We got to Bahia Asuncion in the afternoon along with the gale force winds. After some confusion with our reservations, we were finally on our way to our rental when suddenly Mark wasn't behind me anymore. What the hell? I finally found him as he was getting a battery jump from a friendly local. Mark's battery is D E A D. But hey, we're on vacation! Not to worry.

We rode two up into town for a fine fish dinner and then went next door to the internet cafe where they had an fast dsl line and we checked in with the home front. An excellent end to an excellent day. Dead battery? No worries, it'll be there tomorrow.

Someone hasn't been keeping us up to date on his international investment portfolio

I can't wait to see Lizbeth work her magic here

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