Baja 2008

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Day 4

The landlady had loaned us a small trickle charger and we left it on overnight. Next morning, no joy, still dead. When I returned it, I mentioned I knew the Canadian owners of the B&B in San Ignacio. She said, "I'm from Canada, I know them, they're here! They own a house here and I saw there truck there last night." I rode over to their house but it wasn't them. Their friends had borrowed their truck and come to stay at the house. The neighbor was over visiting and he had a big Craftsman battery charger/starter he loaned me.

Thinking the trickle charger may have been bad, we tried charging the battery once more. While we waited to see if that worked, Mark made us pasta for lunch and we walked all around the house looking at the water and power systems. Still no joy with the battery, but the starter function worked like a charm so we packed up, jump started Mark's bike and headed back to Guerrero Negro in search of a battery. Extraordinary luck and the kindness of strangers comes to our rescue.

In all the excitement of getting the bike running, we didn't think about getting gas in Bahia Asuncion, so I was on fumes getting into Viscaino. I put 14.9 liters in my 15 liter tank! We kept Mark's Honda running all the way back to Guerrero Negro.

At the second place we stopped, they had lots of batteries and one of them was exactly what we needed for Mark's bike. Perfect. We took it back to the motel and for the first time in over four hours, he turned off his bike. Then we spent an hour with the motel owner going over the battery instructions and finally he understood that we wanted to use a battery charger, not buy one. He took Mark in his car back downtown and found a place that would charge it overnight. It was ready to go at 9AM the next morning. That was the last bike problem we had.

I got to chatting with a group of 4 dual-sport riders about our age and they joined us for dinner. One from Port Angeles, one from Shoreline, one from Seattle and one from California. Small world. Another fine finish to an excellent day.

The house came with a dog. Friendly pooch wouldn't come inside but stayed on the porch all night.

Our ocean view in Bahia Asuncion

Safely back at Motel San Ignacio in Guerrero Negro with a new battery

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