Night Launch of Shuttle Discovery
April 3 - 6, 2010

Subject: Greetings from Waycross, GA
From: Philip Kopp
Date: 4/3/2010 5:33 PM

Warm and sunny here, in the mid 80's. I thought we would see lots more riders out and about and we did see some, but certainly not as many as I expected.

We took a leisurely drive south across the Peach State today, mostly on US-1 and ended up here. Waycross has everything a traveler could want - cheap rooms, good margaritas just across the parking lot, a free breakfast, and a Starbucks a few blocks away, in case of emergency.

I must say, I like northern Georgia. Very picturesque. Every now and then you see a really nice piece of property with large trees that have been planted in perfect rows. Most of them aren't green yet, but when they are it must be quite something. I remember one place in Mississippi where a large country home was set among several acres of neatly planted trees. It was stunning. I can almost tell when I've crossed a state line. Subtle differences here and there.

Pretty flat around these parts. The elevation here is less than at my house in Lake City. If it weren't for the thousands of acres of pine trees this place might look more like some mid-eastern country than Georgia. Not counting the Baptist churches, of course.

We are on our way to see a shuttle launch. The next one goes up before sunrise Monday morning. I doubt we'll get a room anywhere near there. I've called a few places and they are booked solid and have been for awhile. Apparently a combination of few remaining shuttle launches, spring break and good weather. We'll see what we can do.

Today is our one month anniversary living in South Carolina. Time flies!

Life is good.

Phil & Debb

One of very many large brick churches in this part of the country. This one is in Hartwell, GA

The Elbert County Magistrate Court in Elberton, GA

They don't build them like this, anymore.

Subject: Greetings from Titusville, FL
From: Philip Kopp
Date: 4/4/2010

I noticed yesterday afternoon the temp in Seattle was 41. It's twice that here, at least.

We found a room just across the water from the launch site. Happy Dance!! The housekeepers told me to walk 20 feet from my door and stand on the breezeway facing east. We're about as close and with as uninterrupted a view as you could ask for.

Skies are clear
men and women prepare
to ride the fire

When I bought gas this morning, my car had gotten 34 mpg. Best I've seen.

Life is good.


10 seconds after this the sound pressure wave reached us. Feels like ground zero in an earthquake.
Original photo suitable for wallpaper

And in a minute, it's gone.

On our way back from Florida we came across this massive Wisteria in southern Georgia.