Ride to the Blue Ridge Parkway with JC and Steven
April 22, 2010

Subject: Ride to the Blue Ridge Parkway
From: Phil Kopp
Date: 4/24/2010

Yes, that's to, not on.

JC and Robynn were in town visiting family and friends and so we decided to take advantage of the great weather and go for a ride.

We left Robinson Farm about 10:30 and followed Steven through some backroads on our way to 178 north from 11. 178 to 64 and then 215 north to the BRP is a great ride. Enough hills and tight turns and interesting scenery for everyone. 215 is a bit on the rough side and they are patching it in lots of places. Lots of uneven pavement and a few places with dirt piles not yet cleaned up. Keeps you on your toes!

We got to the BRP and since Steven was using his new gps, we promptly turned the wrong way. Your other left! :) In a few miles he figured it out and when we returned to where we had entered the BRP, there was a big sign saying it was closed a couple of miles ahead. So we got a nice ride to the BRP, not so much on the BRP. Later I looked it up and it is closed for winter storm damage.

I had no idea the mountains here were that high. Clear skies and very chilly up there.

We rode back down 215 to 64 and then on to Brevard for lunch. The first two choices were closed so we chose the Mexican place. Quite good food and the owner specifically thanked us for spending our money in his place. There are lots of places closed all over down here. Tough economy for lots of folks.

We returned home on 278 which is almost as twisty as the others but the road is in very good condition. An excellent last leg.


Spectacular view. We were glad for electrics this high up.

Debb waits patiently for the photographer - again.

That's my landlord Steven leaning on his DL1000.

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