The Fish Fry - Caption Contest
May 10

"How did you know I'm from Ohio?" - Jon

"Sure, I'll Boss again this year!" - MarkM (2003 Boss)

"Yeah, I inhaled. Why?" - Tim

Red Skelton's long lost brother Guido. - jenner

*BAMPF* went the exploding cigar. - jenner

"Know when to say when." - Bronze

"So, tell me again why I didn't win the Groucho Marx Lookalike Contest?" - Brett

"Wabbit season! Gooz season! Wabbit season! Gooz season! Wab-boom!" - Bronze

"Ted forgets to breath...again" - Michael

"Maybe she CAN suck start a Harley!" - Joe

"Plane? What Plane?" - the Grokdoc

"That which does not kill me, makes me stranger." - Carl

"I followed the map...I can't understand how the hell I wound up in Portland!" - Rick

"You can't make us Democrats come back into Texas!!!" - Art

"DAMN! Those brakes really do work better after you bleed them!" - KtN

Was that Louisiana hot sauce?! - Shasta

I'm not going to tell her motorcycles don't have saddlehorns... would you? - Rob K

"I drank what?" - Rob K

"You Forgot The Lubrication!" - Kristen

The test ride changed Ted's mind - he decided he didn't need that new Benelli after all. - Bateman

"No, that's not the throttle, but don't stop twisting it...." - Bill

© Phil Kopp 2003