Yakima Checkpoint - 1997 IronButt

Fran Crane

Eddie James and the bear

Change oil, have a Coke,
and go another few thousand miles

Martin Hildebrandt's Zundapp

Marty Jones San Angelo, TX - Redneck Reality

Dennis Cunningham escapes from "Nowhere, Texas"

Jeff Earls helps out with a leaky fuel line

First Class accomodations at the IronButt Motel

Can you speak "High Tech?"

Peter Hoogeveens Cruise Missle

DeVern's Obsession

Jeff Lambert

No kidding...

Rick Morrison

Mike Stewart's V65 Magna

Manny Sameiro back in the black

Phil Jewell drops out of Warp long
enough to log into cyberspace.
Dale Wilson in the shorts

Sometimes it just isn't pretty

Karol Patzer, Ardys Kellerman and Warren Harhay

Van Singley

Christopher Cimino and his Triumph

It isn't pretty, but it has
283,000 miles on the odometer

If it's not moving you can sleep on it

Mike Kneebone checks the sun, points east,
and reminds the contestants,
"Chicago is that way!"

Dale Wilson and Mike Stewart looking for Chicago

© Phil Kopp