Great Pacific Northwest Dryside Gather - Friday
July 13, 14, 15, 16

Breakfast is served

BlackBear and SwtP takes their egg duty seriously

Rowdy biker scum line up for breakfast

Doug and Mike

Catfish and T

Jim (in his wildly popular plaid) warms up around the
coffee pot while 'Cesca warms in the sun

Rick works out a few Pony Express miles

Cream? Sugar? Naw, I'll have some of this!

Sun Worshipers

Colorful dinner fixin's

Friday Dinner Volunteers, we thank you!

These people give rowdy bikers a bad name

Dominique and Tony Jones

John, Steve and a friend

The Wolverine and The Pope

Cathy, Jeff, Da Pope, JimF and Bjet

Play Where's Waldo with poodles

© Phil Kopp 2000