Daroga State Park

Group Camp A and B are on the left right above the compass sign. The phones are no more.

Here are the sinks and work area. We will need more work space

Two outlets on each side and the faucet under the sinks

Pretty small for a large group. Grass everywhere!

There are two of these, one each for A and B. This is A. The ranger said they provide the trash cans and plastic bag liners.

The restrooms next to the A parking lot

This is at the B building

This is right in front of the restrooms, with the B building in the background. Lots of water pressure! The A building is to the left about 200 feet away.

Looking northwest upstream on the river

The aluminum picnic tables. They aren't bolted down, so they can be arranged at will

Inside the covered buildings. They are trying different methods of discouraging barn swallows. These black 'crows' don't work.